JavaFX PDF viewer demo

Note: If you only see a blank area instead of a video, it might be your firewall blocking YouTube (sorry)

The most impressive JavaFX demo to me was the PDF viewer. The visual design of the application was clean and stylish, to the point that I rather be using this PDF viewer than the official Adobe Reader on my PC (which manages to lock up my browser for too long all the time). Notice in the video how changing to different pages displays a quick fading animation, previewing pages are visualized via an nice carousel animation, and how zooming in and out of documents is nicely animated.

I didn’t get a chance to ask Chris Oliver how he managed to do the PDF rendering (using an existing Java library, or all JavaFX?) but I did ask his boss Nandin Ramani about when the demo would be released. She indicated there are some license issues with the fonts and that this is preventing them from releasing the code. I think they need to make the demo available regardless of the code, this is really a killer app, more so than the Flash like demos. Don’t know about most people, but I would love a nicer looking more usable PDF Reader.

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  • Joshua Marinacci says:

    It's a PDF renderer that we have inside Sun. We are currently working thorugh the legal headaches to get it open sourced. Stay tuned. There are tons of awesome things we could do with an open source 100% Java PDF renderer.

  • Augusto says:

    Josh, that's great to hear!

    Chris Oliver called it "demowear" in the jfx mailing list, but from what I saw it looked pretty great. Can't wait for you guys to release it, hopefully it won't take too long. To me, this is the type of project that really proves the concept of Desktop Java.

    Imagine having this reader embedded as a browser, or JNLP app, so you don't even have to install the Adobe Reader. With the enhancements in the Consumer JRE, I bet it will startup faster than even the native reader (which is very clunky on many machines today)

  • Gökçen G says:

    I'm very impressed when i see these things that made with jfx.

    I'm a learner of it and the only thing that i want now is to be able to do such good things.

    Thank you…

  • Sascha4j says:

    it's really a impressive application.

    is there a chance to get the sources?

    so i would try to change it to use icepdf or something else.


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