New screenshots of the JavaFX Design Tool


The screenshot above is from Anthony Rogers’ blog (UI designer for the tool), and the next one is from Chris Oliver’s blog, who successfully managed to hide away from most of the geek crowds at JavaOne.


The design of the tool is looking really nice and clean, the timeline reminds me a bit of the Adobe Premiere CS4 one. But unlike Premiere or Flash CS4, one interesting design choice is the lack of row headers to identify the different elements or categories for the rows in the timeline. This makes it look a bit cleaner and less cluttered, but it would be interesting to see if this doesn’t make it more difficult to track just what it is you are supposed to be controlling in that part of the timeline. Hard to tell without trying the tool of course (hint, hint, Sun … available for alpha/beta testing!).

I haven’t seen a single bit of code in any of the screenshots/demos so far. I wouldn’t be surprised that there was some script text area somewhere, or maybe the expectation is that for code you go to a tool like Netbeans?

Tor Norbye also provides some additional information about the tool, it will be available as a webstart application that will let you save data in the “cloud” (like Google Docs) or locally, as well as run the tool online/offline.

Chris calls it the JavaFX Design tool, others the JavaFX Authoring tool, for sure neither of these is the final name for the product but I’m still a bit surprised it doesn’t seem to have any sort of funky codename at this point.

You can watch some short videos of the tool in action here.

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