LBP2 Bug: The Whole World in my Pod!

Taking the term "Little Big Planet" too literally

Having a lot of fun so far with Little Big Planet 2, and I can’t wait to get into create mode. However, while starting up the game a second time I noticed the “world” was stuck right in the middle of my pod!!! You can move around a bit and go to the right of the screen to see your character, but you can’t select any games or do much.

I quickly found out I’m not the only one seeing this problem (btw that screenshot is from another player, not mine, although that’s exactly what my screen looked like!).

So this is my workaround for this bug (first try workaround in UPDATE2 and UPDATE3 at bottom of this message, which is simpler …):

  1. Exit the game
  2. Go to XMB->Network Settings->Internet Connection->Disable
  3. Start LBP2 again, skip intro screen
  4. Now that you’re in offline mode, your pod should be reset
  5. Open your popit (press [square])
  6. Select “Pod Decoration”
  7. Functions->Save Pod
  8. Quit game
  9. Repeat step 2 and re-enable your internet connection
  10. Start LBP2 and enjoy

I’m sure there’ll be a patch soon for this. I’m not sure what caused it, but by reading some of the comments around, it might be related to playing online with others which is what I was doing before I got this error.

UPDATE: Good news! The folks at Media Molecule are aware of the problem and are working on a fix, from their lbp twitter page:

If you’re seeing a bug with your LBP2 Pod and giant craft earth, we’re looking in to it. In the meantime, try this fix:

Link for the fix is to this post.

UPDATE2: If you find a different (and easier) workaround for the bug, please note it in the comments section and I will include it here.

Here are some of the ones I’ve gotten and/or seen on other forums (note: I haven’t tried any of them, I’ve only tried the one I describe in my original blog post):

  • Stay in game and logout from PSN and log back in (from EU playstation forums)
  • While in your pod, access your XMB by hitting the PS button.  Highlight the Account Management option and hit Triangle.  Select “Sign off”.  You can then go back to the game by hitting the PS button again.  The game will tell you that you have been signed off and will probably ask if you would like to sign back in.  Do so, and it should be back to normal. (thanks to user Arliman)

  • Join or try to join a game with a friend
  • Turning off your PS3 and then turning it back on

UPDATE3: No patch yet, but easiest and quickest fix has been confirmed by the official LBP twitter page;


@LittleBigPlanet LittleBigPlanet

@MeatRations Head to the XMB, sign out of PSN and go back – should fix it. We’re aware of the issue :)

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