iTunes AppleSyncNotifier error, how to fix

I kept getting this annoying error on Windows start-up every time I would login (running Windows 7, 64 bit).

Dialog: AppleSyncNotifier.exe – Entry Point Not Found. Message: The procedure entry point kCFStreamSocketSecurityLevelNegotiatedSSL could not be located in the dynamic link library CFNetwork.dll.

First thing to do is go to Control Panel->System->Advanced System Settings->System Properties (Dialog)->Advanced (Tab)->Environment Variables. You should see a dialog like this;

Now check your Path (PATH) variable by selecting the Path list item and clicking on the Edit button. You’ll see a lot of paths there, now the problem is that one of the paths in that field is making it so the AppleSyncNotifier loads the wrong library file (CFNetwork.dll)! In my case I have CA (Computer Associates) Unicenter software installed which had this path included;

C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\bin; … (full PATH truncated)

This makes iTunes load the CA version of CFNetwork.dll and generating this error.

Now if you get this error and don’t have CA or this path, please check all the paths in your PATH variable, and it is very likely that one of them from another program is loading the wrong CFNetwork.dll (do a search for CFNetwork.dll in your C:\Program Files folder).

So to fix this, let’s add the Apple path to the correct CFNetwork.dll, by prepending the PATH variable to point to it. In my case I added this path before the CA one;

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support; (remember to add “;” at the end before the paths that follow).

Click OK, on this, the Environment Variables and the System Properties dialogs and that’s it. Next time you reboot you shouldn’t see this error anymore.

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  • Ravenhall says:

    Thanks – I was getting tired of this error, and I do indeed have CA Unicenter. Although, not everyone is on 64-bit windows, so the correct path for 32-bit Windows 7 is: C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleApple Application Support;

  • Marc says:

    Thank you for this, I have been playing around with my Environmental Variables recently (for a PHP framework) and I must have messed the Apple path up. Your post was very useful in helping me figure out what needed to be in there!

  • Augusto says:

    I'm glad this has helped a few other people, I posted it with the knowledge I couldn't be the only one! :-)

  • Tom Grimes says:

    Awesome! Thank You!


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